Reflection of Thanksgiving

Now that we’ve stuffed our faces with turkey, macaroni and cheese, dressing, and pie after pie after pie, what were you most thankful for?

For me this Thanksgiving season, I was thankful for the support of my parents and close friends. After deciding to take this real estate journey as a full time endeavor, these were the people who supported my efforts. The are always there to give me encouraging words when I need it the most. Another thankful moment for me was the support of my clientele. I have been blessed to work with some amazing people this year who have helped my business grow for 2014. My clientele aren’t just clients but friends to me as well. During the course of looking for your home, you spend about 2 months on average together which really transforms the feeling of stranger to friends. You learn about the family dynamics, their love for certain things, and the goals in life.

Buying a home isn’t just me opening the doors to prospective homes for my clients but opening the doors to new opportunities in life through homeownership. These homes will be the foundation for Thanksgivings to come, childhood memories, wedding anniversaries, high school and college graduations. It is those moments that make my career worthwhile.

So overall my reflection of Thanksgiving was more of who and what I was thankful of. The support of those who know and love me and those who grew to know and support me.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break with those same people in their lives.

Gorgeous Home in Caruth Terrace: Review of an Open House

A few weeks ago I was asked to host an open house for a listing by a fellow agent in my Keller Williams office. This home was in an ideal neighborhood in Dallas. If you’ve ever wanted to live in Dallas (not its suburbs) then this location would be ideal.
This home is nestled near some of the hot places in Dallas like near Greenville Ave and Mockingbird Station but still feel like it’s away due to the nature of the neighborhood. During the open house I was able to chat with neighbors about the neighborhood. They loved the quiet neighborhood and ability for their children to play outside. I mean a great place for schools, local attractions, and great neighborhood, what else is needed in the world? 
Potential buyers loved the flow of the home and one neighbor’s son loved the circle flow of the home that he tired himself out from running around. This home is a perfect 2 BR/2 BA (gorgeous remodel) home with two living rooms and spacious backyard. Here’s some pictures I took from the open house.
Can you picture spending a relaxing Saturday morning here? That window in the living room is amazing for a relaxing Saturday and tea with family and/or friends.  Let’s chat and talk about this home as your next home. I can’t wait to show it to you. 

What renters should do now before purchasing a property

You’re at the fork of the road also known as the 60 day notice for your lease. Do you renew or do you become a homeowner? Before making the decision, you should weigh all your options. The Texas Association of REALTORS has a list of advice for renters who are in this very same situation.

The highlights that I couldn’t stress enough are to check your credit report, set a budget, and create a realistic wish list! Last but definitely not least is to schedule a buyer’s consultation with a Realtor. Feel free to
contact me to see what your home ownership options are. No question is too small for me to answer. I’ll even help you create a custom plan to set you on a pace for home ownership when you are ready.

Do you know where you’ll be at the end of your lease? If home ownership is in your plans for 2015, you’re only one click away from finding your next home at New Avenue Realty.

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The Value of Being Pre-Approved

Prequalification is a lender’s best-guess estimate of what you can afford. But it’s not a guarantee. Pre-approval, on the other hand, is a firm commitment from your lender based on your actual finances. If you know what you want, pre-approval can help ensure you get it. 

Your ability to get pre-approved is one of the first steps to becoming a homeowner. If you want to know more and develop your own personalized plan to becoming a homeowner, contact me today or schedule for your no obligation buyer’s consultation. 


In today’s time for some it may be easier to rent rather than buy. For renting, you do an application and pay a fee then a deposit and wait to be approved. Buying a home has sort of the same initial steps. You do a mortgage application to see if you can be approved to purchase a home. Find a REALTOR and find a home. Then you do due diligence and close on your home.

Let’s take some pros into renting into consideration. 1 – you are only committed to a lease for 12 months, 2 – you are free to move after those 12 months, 3 – you can live in select areas that fit your comfort zone. Here are some cons about renting 1- rent increase after the first 12 months, 2 – change of property management (you can never remember staff because it changes so frequently), 3 – cramped space or noisy neighbors (yes those apartment walls can be pretty thin).

Now if we take a look at buying a home. 1 – It is something you own with liberty to paint and change things as you want, 2 – no increase in principal and interest, 3 – tax deductions and/or credits, 4 – space….space….SPACE. Cons – no maintenance man (but that’s what a home warranty has you covered for).

Some apartment dwellers prefer to move into a home but will you be renting a home or buying a home? It is a hard decision to decide and others tend to steer away to one of America’s most precious dreams in home ownership. Below is an example of renting versus buying.


Price: $1295

Bedrooms: 3

Bath: 2

Sq Ft: 1681

Built: 2005


Price: $125,000

Bedrooms: 3

Bath: 2

Sq Ft: 1332

Built: 2003

*Estimated Mortgage Payment: $989.82 (Mortgage includes principal, interest, taxes, and insurance) 

*Keep in mind that everyone’s monthly payment will be subjective to their credit and interest rate but this is an estimated payment calculation.

 Which would you choose? Do you want to rent at $1295 and receive no benefits or buy at $989 with benefits? If home ownership is a part of your dream, download the guide below and schedule a consultation today.

Download Guide to Buying A Home 

For an all exclusive access to properties like these visit New Avenue Realtyemail  me, or call at 972-813-9788. 

Denton County HUD Homes

Have you ever heard of a HUD home? Not sure what that is? Well HUD homes are homes that are owned by the United States of America’s Department of Housing and Urban Development. These are “foreclosed homes”. HUD homes are viable options for purchases as well. Foreclosures do not always mean that you are getting a home for next to nothing but can be a viable source for a home purchase.

Here are Denton County homes for sale that are owned by HUD. When searching for properties with my clients, I am always asked about foreclosures. These options can be a really good with some needing minor work and some needing major work. My first real estate deal was a foreclosure in a lovely home. My clients are enjoying their home.

If you’re looking to browse foreclosures and want an all exclusive access to additional foreclosures in Dallas, contact me.

Why you should consider selling a home you haven’t even bought?

When showing potential properties to clients, I always advise to make decisions based on the resale. In today’s times, most homeowners live in their first home for an average of 5-7 years. 

In a forum written by the Texas Association of REALTORS, they express why you should consider selling a home before buying one. “You’ll consider several criteria when purchasing your first home, but have you thought about how easy it will be to sell later?” 

Why you should consider selling a home you haven’t even bought | Advice for Consumers | Texas Association of REALTORS


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