Are We Behind the Foreclosure Scene?

That’s the question in America. According to the video below, foreclosure rates are at its lowest that it’s been since the recession in 2009. What does this mean?


It means that rates may not be as low as they are now. It means no low bids on homes that are priced right. In the DFW market, foreclosures are few and far in between (in Denton and Collin Counties today, there are 33 active foreclosures). One thing that most buyers ask me is, can you send me foreclosures? They are listed on the market and the reason you may think it is not is because there aren’t many. Plus, if there is a foreclosure it does not mean they are extremely cheap. The deals that you are looking for are gone. As much as I hate to say this because we all love a deal, right? You missed the boat on a deal for a home. That boat sailed in 2008-2011.

A great deal would be when you and the seller can agree to a price and it appraises for that price or higher. For your sake as a buyer, higher means a lot more for you. It means that you have some equity in the home on closing day (Equity = market/appraised value – loan value). Be competitive and ready to make a great deal. I counsel my buyers by letting them know that you should submit every offer as if there are multiple offers because you won’t always get a second chance. Your first offer should be your highest and best.  Now if you are looking to have tens of thousands dollars off the list price, bring all cash to the table and that’s a different conversation. Cash rules, remember that if you don’t remember anything else I say. Is it all cash at the end of the day? Yes but that person won’t have loan contingencies, closing costs needed, and can close in a week or two. My advice to home shoppers will be to bring your A-game. We’ll need it to make it to the finish line.

Avalos – One Year Follow Up

This past Sunday marked the one year home anniversary of clients, Ray and Andrea Avalos. I enjoyed working with Ray and Andrea and the most adorable Mac. New Avenue Realty caught up with the Avalos to discuss how being a homeowner in the past year. The things that make me love what I do is to see the faces of my clients on closing day or when we know we have the right home. This best thing about their closing was the look on Mac’s face (he was three at that time)when he looked at me and said, “Andrea, we’re buying a house today!”  Little things like that makes me enjoy my job and reminds me everyday why I do this.  Enough of my feelings….let’s catch up with the Avalos.


Avalos Homeowners

Wow time sure does fly! To anyone reading this you are in good hands with Andrea! She is such a great Realtor and works extremely hard for you, she was very knowledgeable and patient with us since it was our first time buying a house. She took our wishlist and was able to narrow down houses and even found one under our original budget that fit us! She is OUR realtor and will continue to be for the next adventure. Highly recommended.

1. What type of home were you considering?
Single family home with a school district.

2. What city did you purchase your home in?

3. Was it your first choice location? If not, what areas did you consider?
Honestly it wasn’t on our radar. We were new to the area and not familiar with the outlaying towns. We were considering Lewisville, Little Elm, Euless, Hurst.

4. Now that you have lived in your city for a year, what is it that you like about your city?
Love Keller! Big city amenities small town feel. Low crime rate, honest and friendly people. Close to great dining and not to far from the city. Excellent school district.

5. What attracted you to your neighborhood?
Honestly the price was right, and the neighborhood looked clean.

6. What is something that you like about your neighborhood now that you have lived there for a year?
Our neighbors are great! My son chit chats with them all the time. Super friendly and trust worthy, they look out for each other.

7. What advice would you give a first time homebuyer?
Keep an open mind and trust your realtor, they know what they are doing. You may not be able to get every single thing on your wishlist but you will discover that you will find something you didn’t even know you wanted in your new house. Stick to the advice given and you will succeed. It can be very stressful but stick to the plan, home ownership is worth it!

Single in the City?



I ran across this topic today as I was browsing through articles and it hit me that I was supposed to deliver a blog post about this very topic on Valentine’s Day.  So today’s blog is dedicated to those who are single in the city and think that homeownership is for married couples.’s article, “More Single Female Buyers on the Hunt” discusses that women today aren’t waiting for prince charming. The timeframe for meeting Mr. Right, getting married, and having kids is a further stretch of a timeline than in the earlier decades of women. Today’s women are buying their own homes in the time-being. Once Mr. Right does come along, you could sell your property and make profit to purchase the marital home.

Let’s start with the stats of New Avenue Realty. Majority of my clients are either millenials, single, or both. I say that by saying you don’t have to be a certain age to purchase a home nor do you have to be married. I talk to a lot of my single girlfriends who feel they are going to wait until they are married until they purchase a home. Purchasing a home is a form of wealth-building. As my banker once told me, “it is basically you moving your assets from one place to another.”

Did you know there many types of homes that you could purchase? If you’re one of the ones who are used to someone else caring for the property, opt for a townhome or condo.  The community association fees typically pay for the common areas and the upkeep of the community. In some areas, cable, water, and sewer may be included. There are tons of options besides a home and a yard. Visit to find the hottest homes whether they are condos, townhomes, or houses in DFW.



[Hangout Sessions] Things to Consider When Buying Your First Home

When most buyers are looking to purchase a home, they have so many questions. What’s the best area for me to buy in? What’s the cost to live here? What’s the first steps? Are there any programs to help me put down 20% (Btw, you DO NOT need 20%)?

These questions are common questions. That’s why Crystal Parkinson (Guild Mortgage) and I ( have worked on providing you a hands-on webinar to discuss what to consider when buying your first home.

This hangout session will answer the questions that you have and more! If you’ve been on the fence on whether to go forward with a home purchase, this session will help you make your decision.

Go ahead and register today….your new avenue may be in the near future: