Arts, Beats, and Lyrics Recap

In my spare time I love to enjoy friends and eat. I don’t get much spare time because I am constantly working but this particular Friday night, I was ready for it.

I had a friend who was supposed to accompany me but I ended up being solo. The first thought of that made me feel like I should stay home but this event was right up my alley and I could not NOT attend. I was ready for a solo night in Dallas.

This was the Jack Daniels’ “Arts, Beats, and Lyrics” event. This is basically all of my favorite things mixed into one. When I got there, I ran into my friend, Blythe which made the solo dolo event worth it. I wasn’t alone after all.

I didn’t do much networking this night as I had planned to have a chill day and really immerse myself with my culture and take a much appreciated “night off”