Yesterday marked the one-year home anniversary for my fellow LSU alum and North Louisiana girl, Ashley! Ashley talked about homeownership long before I was a Realtor. We discussed her options when I was doing Housing Counseling in South Dallas so to help her achieve her goal was awesome in its self. She had a goal and knew how she wanted to achieve it. The time had finally come and we were set with a limited schedule. She knew exactly what she wanted price and all.

Here’s a recap of her one year as a homeowner.

1. What type of home were you considering?

a. I was just looking for somewhere to live and the condo/townhouse was the most feasible option at that time.

2. What city did you purchase your home in?

a. Arlington, TX

3. Was it your first choice location? If not, what areas did you consider?

a. This was my only choice due to work not being far.

4. Now that you have lived in your city for a year, what is it that you like about your city?

a. I like that I’m able to get to my job in under an hour and that everything that I need is close by or within driving distance.

5. What attracted you to your neighborhood?

a. Work

6. What is something that you like about your neighborhood now that you have lived there for a year?

a. Location, Location, Location


a. Don’t wait till the last minute to purchase and ensure that you have all your ducks in a row financially. Get exactly what you want.