CROWNED: Ashley Broadnax

March ended on a high note with the closing of a condo in Arlington, Texas by a college friend, Ashley Broadnax. We’ve been discussing her becoming a homeowner for years and finally she was able to do it. Congratulations Ashley!!!

Read Ashley’s review of being crowned with me and New Avenue Realty:


Yesterday marked a new tradition for Jeremy and Chrishawn Finister as they were crowned homeowners in Arlington, Texas. They were a wonderful couple to work with and I hope their future in their new home is bright and filled with many blessings.

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Home Sweet Home

Review from the Finisters of my service and New Avenue Realty:

Who is next to be crowned?

CROWNED: Mary Earl

It is 2015 and the crowning ceremony has began for my clients. The first client to be crowned in the 2015 Year of Homeownership is Mary Earl.

Mary is a first time home buyer and purchased her castle in Sachse, TX. She was a joy to work with and it doesn’t hurt that she is a lovely member of my beloved sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

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Congratulations to Mary and I hope you enjoy your new home.

Who’s next to get crowned? Your new avenue is awaiting you. Let’s get started today.

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