NOW OPEN: Legacy Hall in Plano

Yesterday was the grand opening for this long awaited cafeteria hall projectory in Plano. As if Legacy West wasn’t already amazing, it opened up a food galore called Legacy Hall. It features just about all you can think of when it comes to food. No longer will you and your friends bicker about what to eat anymore. Everyone can find something they enjoy ans meet back at the table to enjoy each other’s company.

I took a brief tour today since I was nearby checking out the Villas at Legacy West by Britton Homes. All I can say is the brunch lines will be LONG on the weekends. I fell in love with this place as soon as I entered it. However I hate crowds and know the weekend will be the time I would not want to be near. 😂

It has great seating with eclectic decor around. Take a view with my photos. You can learn more about the restaurants located inside the food hall here: Legacy Hall Restaurants. How are you living in your neighborhood?

Arts, Beats, and Lyrics Recap

In my spare time I love to enjoy friends and eat. I don’t get much spare time because I am constantly working but this particular Friday night, I was ready for it.

I had a friend who was supposed to accompany me but I ended up being solo. The first thought of that made me feel like I should stay home but this event was right up my alley and I could not NOT attend. I was ready for a solo night in Dallas.

This was the Jack Daniels’ “Arts, Beats, and Lyrics” event. This is basically all of my favorite things mixed into one. When I got there, I ran into my friend, Blythe which made the solo dolo event worth it. I wasn’t alone after all.

I didn’t do much networking this night as I had planned to have a chill day and really immerse myself with my culture and take a much appreciated “night off”

Unlock Your Opportunity | #NewAveRealty 2016

Can you believe that we are near the end of 2016? This year is really over in a less than 48 hours. I am one who is excited about 2017. 2016 was a great year, ready to rock 2017! Thanks to all who were apart of 2016!



Visit our Website: Unlock Your Opportunity in 2017

[Sunday Funday] Dallas Mavericks and Mexican Food

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I love to share my places in Dallas a lot. I like to eat despite my palate being small and I like to adventure to places.

One of my favorite places to go is the American Airlines Center. This includes Mavericks games, concerts, comedy shows, etc. I like the whole feel of the arena and this Sunday, I was able to participate in a Dallas Mavericks game.

Sidebar: I love that you can get all the professional sports in Dallas. You can watch a major baseball league game with the Texas Rangers, professional hockey with the Dallas Stars, NFL games with “America’s Team” aka the Cowboys, and NBA games with the Mavericks. You simply cannot beat the sports entertainment here in Dallas.

A few months ago, I held a contest privately for previous clients. The winner was able to choose one of a few prizes and we’d celebrate from there. My winners were Chauntel and Bendita who purchased a condo last year in Dallas. They preferred a Mavericks game which was a nice choice since I wanted to get a game in this season. As soon as our schedules matched (more so theirs because their travel game is years ahead of mine), we decided on the Mavericks versus the Kings game. The schedule changed from a night game to a daytime one so Bendita could no longer attend. My friend Blythe happily took her place.

You can grab really great seats for the low at a Mavericks game. I have been really surprised on the price of tickets that I score. Earlier in the year, I scored Mavs and Thunder playoff tickets in the 100 section for less than $150. Last night, the tickets were behind the goal for $45 each. Can we say winning?

After the game, we ventured to Campuzano in Oak Lawn. The reason being this:

I don’t know the name of this drink but we selected this restaurant based on Yelp pictures of it. It was this drink and the shrimp nachos that won us over. Let’s just say that it won’t be our last time going to Campuzano.

Our day started at 3:15 and we spent over 5 hours just enjoying the day DESPITE the 60 degree weather drop in Dallas. I forgot yesterday was Sunday and expected to take a rest day today. 


Shrimp nachos
I wanted brunch food but at 6pm, is it even called brunch? Nachos will do.


What’s your favorite Sunday Funday activity in Dallas?

MEGA CAMP 2016 – Keller Williams

I’m back on the road again but this time it is for the Keller Williams annual convention in Austin, Texas called Mega Camp. I’ve been a KW agent for almost three years. I attended for the first time last year and this is by far my favorite training to attend.

I love to learn things that mega agents across the country are using to utilize their business. This helps me drum up all the ideas, processes, systems, and service that I am able to give my clients.

Every since I made it yesterday, I’ve been writing new things to incorporate into New Avenue Realty and how it would be beneficial to clients. My goal is to make the process of buying and selling a home smooth and retain the relationship that is built durig the process.

You know why? Real estate is a relationship building business. How far I go or what I do will always be dedicated to the people who trust and support it as I grow.

This convention always shows me how much I need to continouly add new components to do just that in my business.




Drea’s Favorites: Dallas Happenings


If you follow my Instagram page, @NewAveRealty, then you will know that I always share my experience of my Dallas “happenings”. I love to get out and explore Dallas in my free time. This is usually on Sundays. I work Monday – Saturday and all I ask for is some time to myself on Sundays. That basically means to catch up with girlfriends and brunch. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites places. If you have a place that you’d like to mention, place it in the comments and I will hit it up.

*BONUS: There is a new Instagram page called @YouPeopleReviews, that highlight a lot of places to eat around the metroplex. I’ve gotten some places from them as well.


I’m a Louisiana girl so I love me some Cajun food. I am not big on Creole (there is a difference) but I love me some Cajun food. Here is my list of my top favorite cajun food spots.

  1. Cajun Tailgators (Plano)
  2. Bayou Market (Lewisville)
  3. Good Times Cajun Cuisine (Lewisville)
  4. NOLA Grill (Frisco) – Had this last night and I must say the food was amazing. The collard greens tasted just like my Mama Elsie’s.

If they don’t have anyone from Louisiana as the owner or cook, I don’t believe it to be Louisiana cooking. There is no debate about that.

Soul Food/Chicken Spots

Now for some good down home cooking, you have to head south of the metroplex. My favorite spots to get food just how I like it is in Oak Cliff. Seriously, I will wait in line for these places.

  1. South Dallas Cafe (Oak Cliff – Red Bird Area)
  2. Rudy’s Chicken (Oak Cliff – Bring cash…be prepared to wait, no seriously. If time is not on your side, you may not be eating Rudy’s THAT day. It has happened to me before.)
  3. Floyd’s Catfish (Oak Cliff) – Now I am not sure if this place is still open. If it is, you’re in luck. If not, I am so sorry that you missed out.
  4. Chicago’s Chicken Coop (Carrollton) – So this one isn’t in the southern part of the metroplex. It opened up last year and I went like everyday the first week. I have to admit that it was mainly for the butter cookies.
  5. Pluckers (Various Locations) – This should really have a category of its own but since I included chicken in this category I thought to place it here. There is no other wing spot that can beat Pluckers to me.
  6. Wing Daddy (Little Elm) – this little gem in Little Elm has some fun margaritas and fried pickles are to die for.

Bars/Hip Places

By any means, I am not a party animal. I do like to get out and enjoy myself every now and then

  1. Beauty Bar (Dallas – Knox/Henderson)
  2. Happiest Hour (Dallas – Hardwood/Victory Park) I have found a way to make my way here so often (Brisket Nachos…though)
  3. Decks in the Park (Klyde Warren Park) – This is my favorite summer time event in Dallas. It’s a perfect unwind in the park at night and just vibe along the music.


This category is my all-time favorite. This is what I love to do and I will try new places often. So please send me some awesome brunch spots.

  1. Smoke – Plano and Bishop Arts (BBQ for brunch, need I say more)
  2. Black Walnut Cafe (Various Locations)
  3. Julia Pearl (Plano) – I went here for brunch last weekend. I want to go back for dinner soon to give it another chance but it wasn’t bad at all.
  4. Public School 214 – It is all about concept to me (sometimes) and this one steals the show.  It has a grade school concept with menus being on composition books and drink menus on scantrons. It is the cutest thing to me.

Those are just a few of my favorite places to go. They aren’t in any order. Try them out and let me know what you think. If you ever need a recommendation on a place, contact me or just follow my Instagram. I am sure I will post it there.



Sunday Funday

This weather in the Dallas/Fort Worth has been for the birds. Last week consisted of all four seasons in 7 days (rain, sleet, snow, ice – oh the ice!) Unfortunately I missed the warmest day but I got to experience warmth as I traveled to Louisiana. My taste of shrimp and grits was halted by the weather in Dallas/Fort Worth. I decided to cut my trip short to head back to the metroplex before I was stuck in my college hometown of Baton Rouge or my actual hometown of Ruston.

So when Sunday came, I was already over the weather and just needed the time to myself. I will say that Saturday I trucked my way to Paradise Cove in Southlake to see my sorority sister marry the love of her life. I think I still have a natural high of that. (P.S. I love Louisiana weddings. It is different from normal ones just more of our unique culture added to it (cajun/creole food, second line, other music)).

So Sunday I decided to have a personal “Sunday Funday.” Now Sundays are my days that I have off from work so I tend to do all the things I just didn’t quite make it to throughout the week like laundry, grocery shopping, and BRUNCH. I know that is a weekend thing but I absolutely love brunch on a Sunday.

My first stop was to Coppell  at Black Walnut Cafe. This has become my new all time favorite spot in Coppell. I cannot fully describe the ambiance at Black Walnut Cafe. All that I can say that if you go get the thick peppered bacon. I promise you that you will not regret it. Oh and the traditional pancakes. It is mixed with powdered sugar, butter, and has syrup on the side. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Black Walnut Cafe in Coppell (Denton Tap and 121 Toll)

Next I ventured over to Flower Mound. I was headed home but after a week of rain, ice, sleet, and snow, I thought my couch wouldn’t miss me so I made my next stop to Five Below. To you reading this, why didn’t you tell me about Five Below? When I walked in, I literally felt like a kid in a candy store. There snack specials for days (Disclaimer – I am a huge snacker. My favorites are Lifesaver Wild Berries gummies, rice krispy treats, cheddar cheese and sour cream Ruffles, and the list goes on). This store was like a mix of Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree. It took some time to get me out of there.

My last journey was to grocery shop. I decided to go the Market Street in Flower Mound since I was already in the town. Immediately as I walked in the store, I realized that this one was nothing compared to the one in Coppell. I mean it had its similarities but this one was a little different. I tasted wine, I found Louisiana boiled shrimp (yes this made me happy since I missed out on shrimp and grits), and even tried the advertised burgers and fries. Market Street is the ONLY store that I am willing to try their “hot food.” If I miss their breakfast, I am highly upset.

This was a normal grocery store run for me UNTIL I saw this as I checked out:

Libations Bar at Market Street Flower Mound (FM2499 and FM1171)

Now I have never known a grocery store that has a full bar inside but Market Street in Flower Mound does. I was upset that it wasn’t open when I shopped but that was the “oh wow” factor for me. 
How do you spend your Sunday Funday? Is it a relaxing one as mine was this past Sunday? What’s your favorite place to frequent in your neighborhood? 

Rents at an All-Time High in North Texas?

If you have lived in an apartment in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, you know that paying for a peace of security and safety does not come cheap no matter where in the metroplex you decide to live. Last year, 2014, rents reached an all time high in North Texas. According to Jenny Doren and Sandra Baker of WFAA and the Star- Telegram:

“Rents rose 4.9 percent in 2014 and now the average monthly rent for an apartment in Dallas-Fort Worth is $919, said MPF Research in Dallas.

“Annual increases above 4 percent are rare in this market,” said Greg Willett, an MPF Research vice president. “Because we’re such a construction hot spot, the flow of new product moving through initial lease-up normally holds rent growth below the national norm.”

Locally, however, renters were leasing up units almost as fast as they came on the market, Willett said. Renters leased 15,226 units during 2014, when 15,575 units were completed, making North Texas the strongest market nationwide.”

I always advise those who are paying more than $1,000 in rent to consider purchasing their own home. The benefits in purchasing outweighs the benefits of owning. There are no apartment rules to follow, no additional fees, and no paper thin walls to hear your neighbors conversation.

I would to talk to you if you are considering purchasing a home in 2015. Let’s get you on a Royal Plan today to see where your new avenue awaits you at. Contact me via phone or email at 972.813.9788 or

Find your new avenue here: New Avenue Realty

Doren, Jenny, and Sandra Baker. “N. Texas Apartment Rents Reach an All-time High in 2014.” WFAA. N.p., 6 Jan. 2015. Web. 26 Jan. 2015.

Moving The Colony Forward

Have you been to The Colony? I lived in the area during my 2nd year of grad school (well technically, geographically, I lived in Lewisville with The Colony’s zipcode) in 2011. There wasn’t much to do in the city. The one thing that I personally loved is that it reminded me so much of my hometown in Louisiana. This is why I love Lewisville and The Colony SO MUCH!!! I moved back to the inner parts of Lewisville in 2012. It didn’t take long before growth started to show in The Colony after I moved. In fact, it was one month after I left that new developments started to take place. There’s the infamous Top Golf and now the new Nebraska Furniture Mart (coming soon). In the video below the Mayor and City Manager of The Colony explains what their plans are for the city as it moves forward to become one of DFW’s top suburbs.

The Colony is a city that is sure to spark new interest and with new interest comes new people wanting to invest in the city. Home prices in The Colony range from the low $100s to high $600s. For an all inclusive to properties in The Colony click here or email me to obtain more information about The Colony.

Here are some places that I enjoy and places that I have heard great reviews from friends in The Colony:

Rotolo’s Pizzeria – I mean I am from Louisiana and this franchise was started right in my second home of Baton Rouge. This isn’t technically The Colony but right on the border.

Top Golf

Palio’s Pizza Cafe 


Jimmy’s Egg

Zen Austin Ranch 

I’m always willing to venture out to find new places to go, see, or do. Comment and tell me what are some of your favorite places in The Colony?

Family Activities for Halloween

It is almost time for the scariest part of the year and I have some family friendly events that will help you celebrate. Lately, I have noticed parents searching for kid-friendly and safe alternatives to the “trick or treat” phenomenon that is Halloween. Below I have listed different events happening near the Lewisville area. Take a look at nearby places. Where will you and your family be celebrating at? 
Hall’s Pumpkin Farm – Grapevine, TX – Open all October
11:00 am – 8:00 pm – Hayrides start at Noon.
Welcome to Hall’s Pumpkin Farm, where families from all over Tarrant County and beyond come to enjoy an old fashion fall celebration. Every October, our family celebrates the harvest by inviting folks to visit our farm. We’ve got pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, gourds, hay bales and corn stalks galore! Our amazing Corn Maze is always an adventure….are YOU up to the challenge? Located in historic Grapevine – our farm is nestled between Dallas and Ft. Worth, just west of DFW airport. So, ya’ll come on out!

The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch – Double Oak Ranch – 5100 Cross Timbers Rd (Flower Mound )
Jan Balekian and The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch invite you to join the fun each fall at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch on the Double Oak Ranch. We are open from October 1st through October 31st from 9am to 7pm. You will find hundreds of pumpkins to choose from, cornstalks, hay bales, baked goods, and refreshments.
OCTOBER 18, 2014 – Fall Festival, Haunted House & Free Beer Tasting – Castle Hills Shops & Village (Lewisville)
Haunted House, Beer Tasting & Chili Cook-off 4:00 – 7:00 PM | KIWANIS HAUNTED HOUSE 5:00 – 7:00 PM | PROGRESSIVE BEER TASTING* & CHILI COOK-OFF
You won’t want to miss this year’s Fall Festival at the Village Shops. This year will feature a six-pony carousel, a longhorn photo-op, face painters, carnival games, hay rides, a petting zoo, arts & crafts by The Enchanted Artist, cookie decorating by I Like Big Bundts, pumpkin patch, photo booth and costume trunk! Live music will be provided by Manny and the Gringoderos. Two $100 Williams-Sonoma® gift cards will be given away, so don’t forget to stop by the registration table. Also available will be free candy apples for the first 100 people and food for purchase. Pumpkins will be sold by the Women’s Club of Castle Hills, and all contributions will go to one of their charitable efforts. The Kiwanis Haunted House will open at 4 p.m. and will be $5 for everyone. The 4th Annual Progressive Beer Tasting* will begin at 5 p.m. Participating merchants will offer free beer tasting and will hold a chili cook-off at their stores! You can purchase chili cook-off tickets at Castle Hills Chiropractic. *Valid ID required. Must be 21 or older for beer tasting.
October 18, 2014 – Coppell Oak Fest – 5pm – 9pm -Andy Brown Community Park East- 260 E. Parkway Blvd.
Join us for the annual Coppell Oak Fest, an event that will carry on for years to come. The theme celebrates life in Coppell being as diverse as the oak trees. The city of Coppell logo includes oak branches representing the city’s most prominent trees, longevity, and additionally, the oak wood used to build the railroad ties that put Coppell on the map. Building on our community’s roots and growing strength, we pause for an evening of community fun, live music, and fellowship.
Free Family Activities
Miniature Train Rides, Face Painting, Live Bands, Bounce Houses, Food Vendors…TOO MUCH FUN TO MISS!   Band performance by the Limelight band and show performances by Professor Brainius.  
Kettle corn, BBQ Sandwiches, Chips and Drinks, Turkey legs, Funnel Cakes, Hamburgers, Roasted Corn on the Cob, Hot dogs, Nachos and more!  Bring a picnic or enjoy some local food from a variety of vendors. Alcohol is not permitted inside City of Coppell Parks.  
Parking is available in the parking lot by Kid Country, Town Center and Andrew Brown Community Park West and Central – just a trail walk away!
Halloween ComicFest – Lewisville Public Library – Saturday, Oct. 25 – Youth Services Desk
Children ages 5 and up can pick up a free mini-comic book at the Youth Services Desk while supplies last.
Spooktacular Trails and Glow Run Extravaganza – Saturday, Oct. 25, 5-9 p.m. – Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park
Join Lewisville Parks and Leisure Services at the annual Spooktacular Trails and Glow Run Extravaganza on Sponsors and vendors will be at the free event for children to “trick-or-treat.”
Sponsors, vendors and community organizations will provide activities at their booths for children to enjoy. Featured activities include a kid-friendly haunted house, carnival games, face painting, Glow 5K Run/Monster Mile and a ghostly hayride. The ghostly hayride closes at 7:45 p.m.
Children and adults dressed in their Halloween best are invited to enter the Walgreens-sponsored digital costume contest. Registration is not required. The top five favorite costumes in each category will be posted on the city website on Monday, Oct. 27, for the public to vote for their top three. Contest categories are for ages 2 years & under, 3-5 years, 6-9 years, 10-12 years and 13-adult. Voting will close Sunday, Nov. 2, at 5 p.m. Prizes will be given to the top three winners for each category. All contestant pictures will be available for purchase beginning Wednesday, Oct. 29, at Walgreens. Pictures will be available at the Walgreens location on S. Valley Parkway and Round Grove Road in Lewisville.
The Glow 5K/Monster Mile is an off-road course loaded with spooky surprises. Participants are encouraged to come dressed with their favorite glow products. The Monster Mile starts at 8:15 p.m., with the 5K beginning at 8:30 p.m. Each participant will receive a shirt, medal, bib and two glow products to wear during race. Runners age 7 and younger must be accompanied by a registered, paid adult. Strollers are not permitted on the race course. Registration is required to enter race. There is a separate fee to enter the Glow 5K Run and Monster Mile.  
A free shuttle will run from the various parking lots at Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park. Food and drinks will be on sale at the concessions area.
For more event details, call staff at Frederick P. Herring Recreation Center at 972.219.3560 or Memorial Park Recreation Center at 972.219.5061.
Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat – Sunday,October 26, 4pm – 6pm – Vista Ridge United Methodist Church (Lewisville)
Fall Festival – Westside Baptist Chuch – October 26 – 4pm (Lewisville)

Family Fright Night – Saturday, October 25 – Sunday, October 26 – 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 a.m.- Stewart Creek Park – 3700 Sparks Rd., (The Colony)
Don’t miss the 8th annual Family Fright Night family Halloween campout at Stewart Creek Park. Join us for a haunted trail, tent trick or treating, costume and scream contests, scary movie, hayride, campfire, s’mores and great food. This event has limited enrollment and fills quickly, so don’t delay. Registration begins October 1. For more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 972-625-1106.
Are there any festivals or events that you would recommend? Please feel free to share.