It’s a new homeowner’s favorite day. It has been a pleasure to work with the Kellys. I remember our first day meeting each other. They came as a referral from a past client and friend. I tend to have small connections with clients besides the referral person.

The Kellys are both from Louisiana and just so happen to go to college in my hometown or shall I say parish. For them, as with most clients, location was important. My suggestion after considering their work locations and their daily life, I suggested the East Dallas suburbs. The homework was to visit communities and we’ll regroup after my conference.

To my surprise, they loved the East Dallas suburbs so much, they called while I was at the conference to say they found the community and are ready to go. That day we were working it out for them to move into a neighborhood. Goodbye McKinney! Hello Heartland!

I gave them other areas like Fate, Royse City, Rowlett, and Rockwall to check out but the fell in love with one of the builders we went to go see when considering areas such as Sachse and Wylie. They found a master planned community that fit what they were looking for a little outside of those areas with perfect access for family coming in from Louisiana.

I can honestly say that it is the relationships that are built through the transaction that I love the most especially during the building process. I come along as a trusted confidant and helped throughout selections of the interior and exterior.

I must say that I cannot wait to see how they turn this house into a home. Congratulations to the Kellys!

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