Home Owner’s Guide to Remodeling – Bedroom

Remodeling of a house is one of the Joys of being a home owner. Not only does it give your home a make over, it also gives your home a little bit of “you” in every room that you customize. This week’s Home Owner’s Guide to Remodeling  is all about the Bedroom. We spend 1/3rd of our lifetime asleep, which is why comfort is the number one goal we must keep in mind in remodeling the bedroom.

Got lots of room? Create a spacious area in your living room for a more relaxed feel or for personal activities.

Keep it simple but classy! Wooden frames and great lighting is a good combination for that bedroom in you bachelor pad!








A mix of study room and bedroom for individuals who likes to read and relax right before bedtime.
Children’s bedrooms are ever changing as the child that sleeps in it. Keep them engaged by letting them design and add stuff they like in their room.








Roger DeWeese, Peachtree Architects
Creating a theme for your bedroom is always a good idea, go crazy in colors or match your furniture to the color of the bedroom.

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