Home Owner’s Guide to Remodeling – Living Room

Remodeling of a house is one of the Joys of being a home owner. Not only does it give your home a make over, it also gives your home a little bit of “you” in every room that you customize. This week’s Home Owner’s Guide to Remodeling  is all about the living room. The living room usually has the biggest area in the house which gives home owners more options for remodeling. Here are some ideas you can try yourself to make your living room the favorite room in the house.

Wood and bricks can give your living room the classic yet homey feel, add a comfy sofa, well placed lighting and you got yourself a room you can get a good read on.
Why not add a few art work in the living room? It gives a certain sophisticated yet modern aura perfect for guest.
Keeping it simple can never go wrong. Try to mix and match colors for your furniture and carpets to get that sweet spot between modern home and luxury hotel.
If you have limited options because of built in cabinets and fireplace, you may want to try moving your furniture around to maximize space and take advantage of your home’s built in feature.

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