How to Be Mortgage Ready in 2015

So you want to purchase a home in 2015 but you don’t know the first steps? Well I am glad that you have came to my blog because I will help deliver the initial steps. One of the first steps is to find your Realtor. Hello, I’m Andrea and I am a North Texas Realtor here to help you (sorry for the spiel but hey). The second step is to get pre-approved. This is your most important part. You will have to have a discussion with a lender to know if you can be pre-approved. There’s no harm in talking with a lender to discuss your options to purchasing a home in 2015.

I’m here to help with your real estate needs but your mortgage lender is there for your financing needs. I have plenty of lending partners that can work with almost any situation. Check out my Pinterest board to see tips on how to be mortgage ready in 2015.

Know someone who could use real estate services in North Texas? I love receiving referrals from your family and friends. 

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