Moving The Colony Forward

Have you been to The Colony? I lived in the area during my 2nd year of grad school (well technically, geographically, I lived in Lewisville with The Colony’s zipcode) in 2011. There wasn’t much to do in the city. The one thing that I personally loved is that it reminded me so much of my hometown in Louisiana. This is why I love Lewisville and The Colony SO MUCH!!! I moved back to the inner parts of Lewisville in 2012. It didn’t take long before growth started to show in The Colony after I moved. In fact, it was one month after I left that new developments started to take place. There’s the infamous Top Golf and now the new Nebraska Furniture Mart (coming soon). In the video below the Mayor and City Manager of The Colony explains what their plans are for the city as it moves forward to become one of DFW’s top suburbs.

The Colony is a city that is sure to spark new interest and with new interest comes new people wanting to invest in the city. Home prices in The Colony range from the low $100s to high $600s. For an all inclusive to properties in The Colony click here or email me to obtain more information about The Colony.

Here are some places that I enjoy and places that I have heard great reviews from friends in The Colony:

Rotolo’s Pizzeria – I mean I am from Louisiana and this franchise was started right in my second home of Baton Rouge. This isn’t technically The Colony but right on the border.

Top Golf

Palio’s Pizza Cafe 


Jimmy’s Egg

Zen Austin Ranch 

I’m always willing to venture out to find new places to go, see, or do. Comment and tell me what are some of your favorite places in The Colony?

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