Reflection of Thanksgiving

Now that we’ve stuffed our faces with turkey, macaroni and cheese, dressing, and pie after pie after pie, what were you most thankful for?

For me this Thanksgiving season, I was thankful for the support of my parents and close friends. After deciding to take this real estate journey as a full time endeavor, these were the people who supported my efforts. The are always there to give me encouraging words when I need it the most. Another thankful moment for me was the support of my clientele. I have been blessed to work with some amazing people this year who have helped my business grow for 2014. My clientele aren’t just clients but friends to me as well. During the course of looking for your home, you spend about 2 months on average together which really transforms the feeling of stranger to friends. You learn about the family dynamics, their love for certain things, and the goals in life.

Buying a home isn’t just me opening the doors to prospective homes for my clients but opening the doors to new opportunities in life through homeownership. These homes will be the foundation for Thanksgivings to come, childhood memories, wedding anniversaries, high school and college graduations. It is those moments that make my career worthwhile.

So overall my reflection of Thanksgiving was more of who and what I was thankful of. The support of those who know and love me and those who grew to know and support me.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break with those same people in their lives.

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