What renters should do now before purchasing a property

You’re at the fork of the road also known as the 60 day notice for your lease. Do you renew or do you become a homeowner? Before making the decision, you should weigh all your options. The Texas Association of REALTORS has a list of advice for renters who are in this very same situation.

The highlights that I couldn’t stress enough are to check your credit report, set a budget, and create a realistic wish list! Last but definitely not least is to schedule a buyer’s consultation with a Realtor. Feel free to
contact me to see what your home ownership options are. No question is too small for me to answer. I’ll even help you create a custom plan to set you on a pace for home ownership when you are ready.

Do you know where you’ll be at the end of your lease? If home ownership is in your plans for 2015, you’re only one click away from finding your next home at New Avenue Realty.

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