Why You Should Be Interested in the Housing Market?

Maybe it’s time to Move Up

If the starter home you started with has started to seem too small, maybe it’s time to move up. Here are three reasons why you should be interested in the housing market as a seller. Yes just three.

1. Equity

Chances are, your home has appreciated in value. Now is the time to capitalize on the equity that you have made in your home. Here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there are major corporations moving there headquarters to the area. Homes will be needed and homes can sell quickly for a great profit. Why not take the equity in your home to gain a profit and purchase another home? Who knows, the home you purchase could possibly be paid in full in cash or with a large down payment.

2. Payment 

Did you ever imagine that your home would appreciate enough to finance the home you’ve always dreamed of? Here’s the time to take advantage of today’s historically low interest rates. You can have the chance to double the size of your home while still paying the same payment as you did in your old home. This is a win-win for families who need more space but at the same mortgage payment they pay now. How can you say no to that? More space for the same amount of money.

3. Lifestyle

For sellers, you have grown accustomed to your neighborhood. Your children love their schools in the neighborhood. When moving up, you can afford to buy a newer home in the neighborhood or live in the new subdivision that still feeds into the schools your children currently go to.

Owning a home is an accidental investment. Why not take the time to see how much you have in your investment? The inventory is low for buyers and now is the time to put your home on the market for more serious buyers. It is known that people who search for a home in the fall and winter are serious buyers. Think about it, who would search for a home in cold weather conditions (well maybe just cool because this is the Dallas area)if they weren’t serious?

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