Sunday Funday

This weather in the Dallas/Fort Worth has been for the birds. Last week consisted of all four seasons in 7 days (rain, sleet, snow, ice – oh the ice!) Unfortunately I missed the warmest day but I got to experience warmth as I traveled to Louisiana. My taste of shrimp and grits was halted by the weather in Dallas/Fort Worth. I decided to cut my trip short to head back to the metroplex before I was stuck in my college hometown of Baton Rouge or my actual hometown of Ruston.

So when Sunday came, I was already over the weather and just needed the time to myself. I will say that Saturday I trucked my way to Paradise Cove in Southlake to see my sorority sister marry the love of her life. I think I still have a natural high of that. (P.S. I love Louisiana weddings. It is different from normal ones just more of our unique culture added to it (cajun/creole food, second line, other music)).

So Sunday I decided to have a personal “Sunday Funday.” Now Sundays are my days that I have off from work so I tend to do all the things I just didn’t quite make it to throughout the week like laundry, grocery shopping, and BRUNCH. I know that is a weekend thing but I absolutely love brunch on a Sunday.

My first stop was to Coppell  at Black Walnut Cafe. This has become my new all time favorite spot in Coppell. I cannot fully describe the ambiance at Black Walnut Cafe. All that I can say that if you go get the thick peppered bacon. I promise you that you will not regret it. Oh and the traditional pancakes. It is mixed with powdered sugar, butter, and has syrup on the side. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Black Walnut Cafe in Coppell (Denton Tap and 121 Toll)

Next I ventured over to Flower Mound. I was headed home but after a week of rain, ice, sleet, and snow, I thought my couch wouldn’t miss me so I made my next stop to Five Below. To you reading this, why didn’t you tell me about Five Below? When I walked in, I literally felt like a kid in a candy store. There snack specials for days (Disclaimer – I am a huge snacker. My favorites are Lifesaver Wild Berries gummies, rice krispy treats, cheddar cheese and sour cream Ruffles, and the list goes on). This store was like a mix of Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree. It took some time to get me out of there.

My last journey was to grocery shop. I decided to go the Market Street in Flower Mound since I was already in the town. Immediately as I walked in the store, I realized that this one was nothing compared to the one in Coppell. I mean it had its similarities but this one was a little different. I tasted wine, I found Louisiana boiled shrimp (yes this made me happy since I missed out on shrimp and grits), and even tried the advertised burgers and fries. Market Street is the ONLY store that I am willing to try their “hot food.” If I miss their breakfast, I am highly upset.

This was a normal grocery store run for me UNTIL I saw this as I checked out:

Libations Bar at Market Street Flower Mound (FM2499 and FM1171)

Now I have never known a grocery store that has a full bar inside but Market Street in Flower Mound does. I was upset that it wasn’t open when I shopped but that was the “oh wow” factor for me. 
How do you spend your Sunday Funday? Is it a relaxing one as mine was this past Sunday? What’s your favorite place to frequent in your neighborhood?