How to Sell & Buy a New Home Simultaneously Using Your Equity


How does one sell their current home and buy a new one? With the inventory being really low right now, some sellers are nervous about selling their home. If they sell quickly, where will they go?

The key here is to discover how much equity is currently in your home and is it enough to move-up to the next home. Can you do it simultaneously? The answer is yes you can. The timing for doing so requires being pre-approved for your next home, knowing how much you can get with the sale of the current home, and where you want to go.

There are resources for sellers such as a bridge loan to secure their next home without paying two mortgages or worse case scenario, being homeless.

My past client, Saron, sat down with me to talk about her selling experience for the first time and buying for the second time.

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SELL MY HOUSE: 5 Easy Ways to Attract Buyers

It’s time to sell your home and you’re stumped on what to do. What are the first steps? How do you prepare for the sale? All you know is that you are going to sell it to a buyer but how do you attract them? Hit play to discover the answer.

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McKinney Home for Sale: 2305 Collier Drive

This new McKinney home for sale is one that is perfect for someone searching for their first home or looking to down-size. It has a comfortable space without being overwhelming but plenty to fill it up with love.  You’ll love this charming, 1-story home. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home will give you 1,742 sq ft of generous space. It features two living and dining areas for the perfect open concept space. Owners have taken pride in this beauty. It’s situated in the friendly and quiet community of Sandy Glen and within minutes of Highway 75 and local shopping.


The current owners purchased the home in 2004 and are the original owners. When asked what was it that the loved about the home? Originally it was the space, schools, and the fact that they had a home for their then 3-month year old daughter. You could tell from our conversation that they loved the neighborhood as well as their neighbors are very caring and great neighbors too. I noticed this as we hosted the Open House on Saturday and neighbors were sad to see them go. One even suggested parking their additional car in his yard so that the future homeowners could drive up to the home.

That proved to me that the new homeowners will feel connected to the home and neighborhood. I always illustrate that not only are you buying the home, you are buying the neighborhood as well. Sandy Glen is one close-knit neighborhood that really makes a difference in home buying.

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Drea’s Favorites: Dallas Happenings


If you follow my Instagram page, @NewAveRealty, then you will know that I always share my experience of my Dallas “happenings”. I love to get out and explore Dallas in my free time. This is usually on Sundays. I work Monday – Saturday and all I ask for is some time to myself on Sundays. That basically means to catch up with girlfriends and brunch. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites places. If you have a place that you’d like to mention, place it in the comments and I will hit it up.

*BONUS: There is a new Instagram page called @YouPeopleReviews, that highlight a lot of places to eat around the metroplex. I’ve gotten some places from them as well.


I’m a Louisiana girl so I love me some Cajun food. I am not big on Creole (there is a difference) but I love me some Cajun food. Here is my list of my top favorite cajun food spots.

  1. Cajun Tailgators (Plano)
  2. Bayou Market (Lewisville)
  3. Good Times Cajun Cuisine (Lewisville)
  4. NOLA Grill (Frisco) – Had this last night and I must say the food was amazing. The collard greens tasted just like my Mama Elsie’s.

If they don’t have anyone from Louisiana as the owner or cook, I don’t believe it to be Louisiana cooking. There is no debate about that.

Soul Food/Chicken Spots

Now for some good down home cooking, you have to head south of the metroplex. My favorite spots to get food just how I like it is in Oak Cliff. Seriously, I will wait in line for these places.

  1. South Dallas Cafe (Oak Cliff – Red Bird Area)
  2. Rudy’s Chicken (Oak Cliff – Bring cash…be prepared to wait, no seriously. If time is not on your side, you may not be eating Rudy’s THAT day. It has happened to me before.)
  3. Floyd’s Catfish (Oak Cliff) – Now I am not sure if this place is still open. If it is, you’re in luck. If not, I am so sorry that you missed out.
  4. Chicago’s Chicken Coop (Carrollton) – So this one isn’t in the southern part of the metroplex. It opened up last year and I went like everyday the first week. I have to admit that it was mainly for the butter cookies.
  5. Pluckers (Various Locations) – This should really have a category of its own but since I included chicken in this category I thought to place it here. There is no other wing spot that can beat Pluckers to me.
  6. Wing Daddy (Little Elm) – this little gem in Little Elm has some fun margaritas and fried pickles are to die for.

Bars/Hip Places

By any means, I am not a party animal. I do like to get out and enjoy myself every now and then

  1. Beauty Bar (Dallas – Knox/Henderson)
  2. Happiest Hour (Dallas – Hardwood/Victory Park) I have found a way to make my way here so often (Brisket Nachos…though)
  3. Decks in the Park (Klyde Warren Park) – This is my favorite summer time event in Dallas. It’s a perfect unwind in the park at night and just vibe along the music.


This category is my all-time favorite. This is what I love to do and I will try new places often. So please send me some awesome brunch spots.

  1. Smoke – Plano and Bishop Arts (BBQ for brunch, need I say more)
  2. Black Walnut Cafe (Various Locations)
  3. Julia Pearl (Plano) – I went here for brunch last weekend. I want to go back for dinner soon to give it another chance but it wasn’t bad at all.
  4. Public School 214 – It is all about concept to me (sometimes) and this one steals the show.  It has a grade school concept with menus being on composition books and drink menus on scantrons. It is the cutest thing to me.

Those are just a few of my favorite places to go. They aren’t in any order. Try them out and let me know what you think. If you ever need a recommendation on a place, contact me or just follow my Instagram. I am sure I will post it there.



Buying Homes for Sale in Lewisville Independent School District

Lewisville ISD Logo

Homes for sale in Lewisville School District consist of the following cities: Lewisville (no brainer huh), Flower Mound, Carrollton, Highland Village, Copper Canyon, Double Oak, and The Colony. For most buyers or sellers, school districts are really important when it comes to where they will purchase their next home. In the Lewisville ISD, there are six high schools that are structured for the Lewisville ISD feeder patterns.

Lewisville homes for sale average $186,490 in listing price. The average sale of homes in the Lewisville ISD are $224,678*.

Lewisville ISD Boundary Map

In Lewisville itself, the average sale of homes are $213,949. Lewisville has the best location of any city in the metroplex. It is bounded by major highways such as 121 Tollway, Interstate 35E, and Business 121. These highways can connect you to Denton, Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, and Fort Worth. The biggest attraction is the the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is literally 10 minutes away from Lewisville off of Highway 121. With plenty of shopping centers and restuarants nestled along 121 and 35E, Lewisville has something for the whole family. The Lewisville High School Feeder Pattern consist of one senior high school, two ninth and tenth grade high schools, four middle schools, and twelve elementary schools.

The Colony
In The Colony, the average sale of  homes are $168, 072. Nestled by Lewisville Lake and 121 Tollway, The Colony, Texas is one of the fastest growing suburbans areas in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. It is now home to the largest furniture retailer in America with Nebraska Furniture Mart to be opened in 2015. As this area continues to grow with new developments, the time to buy in The Colony is now. The Colony High School Feeder Pattern consist of one high school, two middle schools, and nine elementary schools.

Flower Mound
In Flower Mound, the average sale of homes are $262,719. This town is located east of Lewisville.  Flower Mound consists of two high schools Flower Mound High School and Marcus High School. Each school has their own feeder pattern. The Flower Mound High School Feeder Pattern consist of one high school, a ninth grade campus, three middle schools, and nine elementary schools. The Marcus High School Feeder Pattern consists of one high school, a ninth grade campus, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools.

In Carrollton, the average sale of homes are $182,063. This town is located east and southeast of Lewisville. The Carrollton schools that are located in the Lewisville Independent School district are in the 75010 zip code of Carrollton also known as North Carrollton. This area is bounded by 121 Tollway and nestled south of The Colony as well. Hebron High School is the high school located in Carrollton that is in the Lewisville ISD. The Hebron High School Feeder Pattern consist of one high school, a ninth grade campus, three middle schools, and eleven elementary schools.

Carrollton TX Homes for Sale Above $300,000

Highland Village is a quaint town nestled northwest of Lewisville and north of Flower Mound. The average sale of homes in Highland Village are $296,585. Schools in Highland Village follow the Marcus High School Feeder Pattern which consists of one high school, a ninth grade campus, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools.
According to the town’s website, Double Oak is a little gem that is located just west of Flower Mound, and bordered by FM-407 (Justin Road) to the north and FM-1171 (Cross Timbers Road) to the south. To our east is the Highland Village Shopping area with excellent theaters, well respected retailers and very popular restaurants. To our west…well, that’s pretty much open country! This town brags about being the best little town in North Texas. Its homes are split into two school districts. The districts are Lewisville ISD and Denton ISD. It’s Lewisville ISD schools follow the the Marcus High School Feeder Pattern which consists of one high school, a ninth grade campus, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools.
Copper Canyon is located west of Highland Village and north of Double Oak. Just like its neighbor, Double Oak, the homes are split into two school districts. The districts are Lewisville ISD and Denton ISD. It’s Lewisville ISD schools follow the the Marcus High School Feeder Pattern which consists of one high school, a ninth grade campus, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools.
For more information about homes for sale in the Lewisville Independent School District (Lewisville ISD) contact me via phone at 972.813.9788 or email.

***Average Sale of Homes are provided by the November statistics by Trinity Title of Texas and the following cities Lewisville, Carrollton, Flower Mound, The Colony, and Highland Village.***

For more information about homes for sale in other Denton County districts, click here Denton County School Districts

What’s Happening?: Major Development in Richardson

As the Dallas suburbs continue to grow, more and more people are reaching out the the areas of Frisco, Allen, and Plano for starters. There is another suburb that is moving up on the new development chain and that will be Richardson. The Dallas Morning News highlights the major development that will soon be heading to the city. The city has already acquired State Farm’s in its regional office, Brick Row developement, and now Whole Foods. The Dallas Morning news highlights this new development to occur at CityLine.